July 11, 2012

HTC is becoming popular mobile brand in Bangladesh even though its one of the most popular brand throughout the world.
Price list of HTC Mobile phones in Bangladesh

MRP 28,000 BDT
HTC 7 Mozart
MRP 30,000 BDT
HTC 7 Trophy
MRP 28,000 BDT
HTC Desire
MRP 28,000 BDT
HTC Smart
MRP 9,500 BDT
HTC Wildfire
MRP 17,500 BDT
HTC Wildfire S
MRP 18,500 BDT
HTC incredible S
MRP 36,000 BDT
HTC Desire S
MRP 29,000 BDT
HTC Sensation
MRP 40,000 BDT
HTC Flyer
MRP 48,000 BDT
HTC ChaCha
MRP 16,000 BDT
HTC Desire HD
MRP 28,000 BDT
HTC Explorer
MRP 14,000 BDT
HTC Evo 3D
MRP 35,000 BDT
HTC Sensation XE
MRP 44,000 BDT
HTC Sensation XL
MRP 45,000 BDT
MRP 28,000 BDT
MRP 52,000 BDT

Disclaimer : We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. We update prices regularly but prices may change or mobile set may out of consumer market. so you might need to confirm from any shop. These cell phones prices are valid for Bangladesh only. So keep visiting mobilecarebd.blogspot.com to see our next update.


  1. Can anyone tell me exact price of HTC One S in Bangladesh ??

    HTC One S

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  4. This is vey informative post and thanks for sharing. Where can I get other popular brand mobile price in bangaladesh?