May 25, 2012

Internet from your Robi connection is the best way to bring World Wide Web in your fingertips!
Robi Internet saves you from wasting time in dialing up or spending money for each minute. GPRS/ EDGE coverage throughout the country ensures you to get high speed connectivity with the information super highway. Different Internet plans are also available for you with the best value.

To set Robi Internet in your Handset follow the below instructions:
For Internet settings through SMS
  1. SMS ALL for WAP, MMS, & Internet
  2. For Internet- SMS Internet to 1227 
  3. For WAP- SMS WAP to 1227
  4. For MMS- SMS MMS to 1227
For USSD Menu- Dial *140*7#
For manual settings for non branded handsets (Chinese handsets):
Internet settingsWeb setting parametersMMS setting parameters
Profile Name : Robi-INTERNET
Proxy-IP& port: Not required
Profile Name : Robi-WAP
"APN" : wap
"Proxy / IP Address":
"Port" : 9028
Profile Name : Robi-MMS
"Proxy/IP" :
"Port" : 9028
"URL" :
Go through step by step to provide the required information.
Request for settings from your handset:

Dial *140*7*3# from your GPRS/ EDGE enabled handset:
  • You will get a response like this, Please enter the Model Number of your Handset:
  • In reply, please type your handset name and model number (e.g. Nokia 6070).
  • Within a moment you will receive the internet setting as a Configuration message.
  • Open the message and save it.
  • If required, use 1234 as PIN code.
Now you are ready to browse with Robi Internet.
For difficulties finding the appropriate settings for your handset, please follow the below instructions
  • Type "*#06#" to see the IMI number of your handset
  • Write down only the first 8 digits of this number e.g. If the IMI number is 358977010423884, write only 35897701
  • Type web 35897701 and SMS to 8738You will receive your desired settings
For any further help, please call Robi Helpline 123 or visit your nearest Robi Care Center.
  • SMS charge applicable for downloading settings
  • VAT applicable


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